Talk : Salt-Pork and Daguerreotypes: Unpacking Evidence from 1848

Author/publication: S.I.Martin & Katrina Navickas for Kennington Chartist Project
Date: May 19th 2018
Our Archive Ref: KCP0014/AUD/2018


The final talk in the series given in St Mark’s Church, Kennington for the Kennington Chartist Project in 2018. Dave Steele’s in depth analysis of the evidence includes:

  • A closer look at William Kilburn’s famous Daguerreotype of the Great Chartist Rally of 10th April 1848.
  • What can it tell us about the crowd itself? How large was the crowd? What was the social mix?
  • Counting the Crowd
  • First example of surveillance or well-timed photojournalism?
  • Camera location, individuals in the crowd
  • Finding in the National Archives box containing provisioning orders for troops guarding London that day.
  • Evidence of the extent of military preparation for the event.

Dave Steele is a mature PhD Candidate at the University of Warwick researching the crowd in Britain: 1780-1850.