(Theme From) Kennington Chartist Project, Song of the Low, remix,

Author/publication: Paul Galpin for Kennington Chartist Project
Date: April 2018
Our Archive Ref: KCP0021/AUD/2018



Song of the Low, remix, (theme from) Kennington Chartist Project events 2018.

Adapted from a recording of a reading of Ernest Jones’s 1852 ‘Song of the Low’ as an intro song for talksĀ and events of the Kennington Chartist Project in 2018.

Ernest Jones was a prominent Chartist campaigner, sentenced to two years solitary confinement in July of 1848 for seditious speeches. ‘Song of the Low’ was one of his most popular poems.

Archive recording set to music in 2018 for the Kennington Chartist Project by Paul Galpin