William Cuffay House

Author/publication: Bell Phillips Architects
Date: 2021
Our Archive Ref: KCP0023/OTH/2021

New Southwark Council Housing block named after Chartist leader William Cuffay.

The 17 new council homes in Pelier St SE17, designed by Bell Phillips Architects, are part of Southwark’s plans to deliver 11,000 new council homes by 2043 (according to Southwark, currently the most ambitious council house building programme anywhere in Britain).

The name William Cuffay House was proposed by the Kennington Chartist Project and the Walworth Society following the 170th anniversary celebrations of the great 1848 Chartist gathering on Kennington Common in 2018.

William Cuffay, was a key figure in the Chartist movement, a radical and great orator – later deported to Tasmania for conspiracy. Cuffay was of mixed African heritage – the son of a former slave and his role was under-represented in early Chartist histories. He is long overdue recognition for his contribution to the fight for social justice and democracy. S. I. Martin, local author and historian of Black British history has been speaking about Cuffay on Black history walks of the area for many years.

For more on William Cuffay read Kennington 1848: Another Look (Free PDF Download)

The Walworth Society is a voice for people in Walworth, and works to preserve and protect its rich architectural heritage, and protect and improve its green and open spaces.