Original research by the Kennington Chartist Project research group. Supported by Katrina Navickas

Map showing Lambeth and Southwark subscribers to the Chartist Land Plan in the 1840s. Click on the pins for more details.

Work in progress…detailed histories coming soon!



There are two parts to the research:

– Mapping the Lambeth and Southwark addresses so we get a sense of the distribution and location of local Chartists, and match this to our local knowledge of the areas.

– Detailed research in the census, drawing out some of the characters and stories that might emerge.

The data used for the mapping was from a transcription of entries into the register of subscribers to the Chartist Land Plan. For more on the Chartist Land Plan see Mark Crail’s:

This data was collected from the Chartist land plan register by volunteers from the University of the U3A (University of the Third Age) and kindly made available to us by Peter Cox.


The inaugural meeting of the Kennington Chartist Project research group was at the Beehive Pub, 60 Carter St, on Tuesday 15th May 2018. The research group is a small group of local volunteers interested in developing original research on the Chartist presence and impact in Lambeth and Southwark, with the advice and support of historian Katrina Navickas. The research group meets at the Lambeth Archives, Minet Library, 52 Knatchbull Road, London SE5 9QY, usually on the first Monday evening of the month, where it benefits from the helpful assistance of the Lambeth Archives archivists.

Get in touch if you would like to join the research group. No previous experience required.


Above is the modest reference library of Chartist books that we have obtained for help with the project, many donated by supporters of the project. Any members of the research group, researchers, or local residents who would like to borrow a book, do get in touch. Below is a full list of the titles.

History of the Chartist Movement, 1837-54 /R. G. Gammage (Donated by Merlin Press)
1848: The British State and the Chartist Movement, John Saville (Donated by Richard Galpin)
An Anthology of Chartist Poetry: Poetry of the British Working Class, 1830s-1850s, Peter Scheckner (Donated by Matthew Meynell)
Kennington Park, The Birthplace of People’s Democracy  by Stefan Szczelkun (Past Tense)
The Story of William Cuffay, Black Chartist (Past Tense)
Strange Confused Tumults of the Minde, Wanderings in the past, present and future of radical pamphleetering. Omasius Gorgut (Past Tense)
London Chartism 1838 – 1848, David Goodway (Donated by Richard Galpin)
Protest and the Politics of Space and Place 1780 – 1848, Katrina Navickas
Thomas Spence, The Poor Man’s Revolutionary, Ed. Alastiar Bonnett and Keith Armstrong
Images of Chartism, Stephen Roberts and Dorothy Thompson.
The Chartists: Perspectives & Legacies, Malcolm Chase
Chartism, A New History, Malcolm Chase
William Cuffay, The Life and Times of a Chartist Leader, Martin Hoyles
Chartism in Lambeth – an introduction, Sean Creighton (Donated by Sean Creighton)
The Red Republican & The Friend of the People 1850-1851 VOL I & II, A reprint of the Chartist journal with an introduction by John Saville (Donated by Jean Kerrigan)
Chartist Fiction, ed. Ian Haywood inc. The Political Pilgrim’s Progress by Thomas Doubleday, & Sunshine and Shadow by Thomas Martin Wheeler (Donated by Matthew Meynell)
The People’s Farm by Malcolm Chase
Radical Expression, Political Language, Ritual, and Symbol in England, 1790-1850, James Epstein
By Rite, Custom, Ceremony and Community in England 1700 – 1880, Bob Bushway
Black British Rebels, Figures from Working Class History, Hassan Mahamdallie
The Battle of Cable Street, Peta Steel (Donated by Peta Steel)
Stop, Thief!: The Commons, Enclosures, and Resistance, Peter Linebaugh (Donated by Richard Galpin)
Socialist literatures, problems of development, Dmitry Markov (Donated by Dave Barnard)